Outdoor clothing Aulp


AULP is a Savoyard brand, its name coming directly from the Savoyard dialect: "aulp" meaning high mountain pasture or alpage. Created in 2017 in Haute-Savoie, this brand has established itself with a strong Savoyard DNA, and thanks to its design and quality products at affordable prices. AULP is a brand founded by people who are passionate about their native land: the Alps. The mountains are a way of life.

AULP is a brand built around two core values: creativity and family. Like the chamois it represents, the brand explores every segment of mountain clothing to offer you a range to suit your needs.

AULP is sold throughout France and abroad. The brand is constantly evolving and is exporting its products year after year, making the cross of Savoie and the chamois shine internationally.



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