Elevenate clothing


Sara Rönngren is the co-founder and head designer of State of Elevenate. She, along with her husband, Jimmy Odén, founded State of Elevenate in 2010 after moving back to Åre from the Alps. They wanted to combine Sara’s background as a freeskier with Jimmy's knowledge as an IFMGA mountain guide. Since the beginning, their motivation has been to create skiwear that they and their friends want to wear.

But how did they come up with the name State of Elevenate? We sat down with Sara to get the true story behind the brand name. Initially, they wished to include the number eleven in the name. In the ski community, there is a saying that one can do an "eleven" -straight lining on untouched snow, creating two lines behind you. After turning"eleven" into a verb, they came up with "Elevenate." The addition of "state of" captured the euphoric feeling of being completely present and happy while doing something you love. "You forget everything else. All other problems disappear."



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