Nordica shoes

Founded in 1939 in Montebelluna (Italy) by the Vaccari brothers, who specialised in the leather trade, Nordica was originally a manufacturer of footwear designed for leisure activities. Nordica then specialised in ski boots, while continuing to produce boots for cross-country skiing and climbing. In 1963, a fastening system designed in Austria was introduced in Italy and used by Nordica in Italy.
In 1968, Nordica decided to design uppers (the tops of ski boots) that were no longer made of leather but were instead plastic-coated, with the exterior made of polyurethane or PVC.
That year, the biggest innovation was the design of ski boots made entirely from polyurethane (a type of plastic).
1970 saw the creation of Nordica's first subsidiary in the United States, thanks to a partnership between Nordica and Rossignol. This was followed by numerous other subsidiaries in Austria, Japan, Switzerland, France and Germany.
In 2003, the Nordica brand was acquired by the Tecnica group, with a new strategy of focusing on the ski sector, and more specifically ski racing.


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