Oakley accessories

Founded in 1975 and based in Southern California, Oakley is one of the world's leading sports brands. With over 600 patents to its name, Oakley is constantly working to solve problems and rise to the challenge with its inventions, to which it adds an indispensable artistic touch. This philosophy has made Oakley one of the most iconic and inimitable brands on the market, with innovations that are relied upon by the world's best international athletes. Oakley is renowned for its inimitable High Definition Optics® (HDO®) technology which is built into all Oakley eyewear, goggles and sunglasses. The world's leading sports eyewear brand, Oakley also takes centre stage with its clothing, footwear and accessories collections. Constantly attentive to consumer expectations, Oakley's men's and women's product lines are designed for Sports Performance, Active and Lifestyle consumers.


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