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Bootfitting : custom-made ski boots

Want to enjoy longer, pain-free ski outings during your holidays or the season? Take advantage of our bootfitting service in Chamonix!

The aim of this service? To adapt your ski boots to your feet to ensure maximum comfort while you're skiing.

Our experts Damien, Timmy and their team will be happy to make an appointment with you to provide you with tailor-made ski boots. They will take the time to analyse your feet and give you the best possible advice.

A personalised analysis of your needs and expectations

At Sanglard Sports, our bootfitting service in Chamonix is personalised. 

Our team starts by listening to your expectations. It's important to give them as much information as possible about your problems. 

Next, your feet are analysed to establish the diagnosis: precise measurements, identification of pressure points, taking into account previous injuries and the particularities of your feet (arched, flat, etc.).

Our bootfitting service is suitable for all levels of ability, all body types and all styles of skiing: downhill, freeride, touring or slalom. 

Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, whatever your weight or size, make an appointment and enjoy the pleasure of getting a pair of custom-made ski boots.

Designing your custom boot

Here's how the bootfitters at Sanglard Sports create your custom ski boots: 

  • Stabilisation of the foot with a custom moulded sole;
  • Creation of a thermoformed or injected liner, heated to mould to the skier's foot;
  • Test with the customer to try on and adapt the custom ski boot;
  • Adaptation of the boot shell to the foot by deforming or milling to reduce pressure points.

Understanding bootfitting and its benefits

The aim of any bootfitting workshop is to make you more comfortable by removing unpleasant pressure points, but also to save you energy and prevent injury. 

You'll get better support by optimising the position of your foot in the shoe, so you get the right balance between your foot, knee, hip and back. 

Thanks to our Chamonix bootfitting service, blisters and pain are a thing of the past: enjoy longer days on the slopes!

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