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Do you already have your ski equipment? Get ready for your outings on the slopes with our ski maintenance service in Chamonix! We can repair your skis or maintain your snowboard.

Your ski maintenance specialist in Chamonix

Sanglard Sports is the specialist you need to maintain your skis in Chamonix at the best possible price.

Tailor-made maintenance to optimise your skiing at the start of the season

To ensure you get the most out of your skiing, it's essential to repair your skis or maintain your snowboard to remove any damage from the previous season.

Repairing or filling the base of your skischecking the edges and sharpening and waxing for better grip are essential at the start of the season.

Our Wintersteiger Jupiter robot 

Our shop has the privilege of using a Wintersteiger Jupiter robot to repair your skis. 

Scratch removalsole waxing and edge checking are all carried out by our robot to give you impeccable service in record time.

How can you maximise the life of your skis?

As well as looking after your skis at the start and end of the season, you need to take special care of your equipment throughout the winter, whether you're cross-country skiing or downhill skiing.

During the season, visit the shop regularly to have the condition of your soles checked to ensure they are scratch-free. The same goes for maintaining your snowboard. Our professionals will be able to re-sharpen and wax your snowboard if necessary. 

You should also dry your equipment after each outing to protect the edges from rust. Exposing your equipment to moisture in the snow can make it brittle. 

At the end of the season, ask for your skis to be waxed and overmoulded so that they'll be as good as new the following year. Then store your skis or snowboard in a perfectly dry place.


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