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rent Downhill Experience Package

41,50 €

Discover the excellence of downhill skiing with our Experience Ski Pack. Designed for the most discerning skiers, this pack gives you top performance and unrivalled precision on the slopes. Our top-of-the-range skis are specially selected in shop to offer exceptional manoeuvrability and perfect grip on the snow, allowing you to master every turn with confidence.

This pack includes high quality equipment, and includes a pair of experience category skis, a pair of boots and a pair of poles. With this pack you don't have to worry about your equipment, we'll take care of you from head to toe.

* The models shown here are examples only. We will do our utmost to provide you with one of our top brands, in excellent condition and adapted to your needs. If you have a preference for a particular model, you can leave us message at the end of the booking process.

Salomomon Spro.png
15,00 €
8,00 €
This product is only available for rental in one of our stores via the website of our partner Skimium.
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