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  • Ski helmet

    Ski in total security

    7,50 € Book
  • Avalanche safety pack

    An avalanche safety pack including a transceiver(not rented with batteries), a shovel and probe

    20,00 € Book
  • Avalanche transceiver

    An avalanche transceiver that is very simple to use for your off piste and mountain adventures

    15,00 € Book
  • Avalanche shovel

    A compact shovel which is easy to use

    4,00 € Book
  • Avalanche probe

    Avalanche probe ultra quick to put together in case of an emergency

    4,00 € Book
  • ABS Avalanche Backpack

    A backpack with ABS airbags integrated for your peace of mind when skiing off piste

    35,00 € Book
No products in this category

Rent equipment for avalanche safety

Ski safety equipment hire with SANGLARD SPORT

Ski or safely during your off-piste excursions, ski tours and mountain hiking expeditions with reliable, high quality avalanche security gear with us, at SANGLARD SPORT. Our mountain safety gear is part of our complete range of ski and snow sports rental equipment, available for booking online, in advance and with ease from your home.
Reserving your avalanche security material is very easy, in a few simple steps. You will be equipped with a range of safety material. Reserve your ski helmet, compact avalanche shovel or emergency avalanche probe and trust our top of the range equipment, we select only the best ski and snow sports material for our rental stores, ensuring our customers security, comfort and pleasure.  
Select the ski and mountain equipment you require, share your personal details such as height, weight, head measurements and we will have your ski hire ready for you to pick up at your selected store or request a delivery to your hotel or chalet for further convenience!