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Avalanche safety equipement rental

Are you interested in off-piste skiing? Before setting off to tackle the most demanding areas around Chamonix, consider hiring an Arva pack (avalanche transceiver), probe and shovel. 

This safety equipment will protect you and your companions when you're out on routes where avalanches are common.

  • 273065e6420b8d0b919bfe08a1a9ae645b6d7c98_H23PIEPACC341123_PIEP0181732_0.webp
    Avalanche Security Package

    Safety pack including avalanche transceiver, probe and shovel

  • powder_bt_s.jpg
    Avalanche transeiver

    An easy-to-use avalanche transceiver for off-piste or high-mountain excursions (supplied without batteries).

  • pieps-c-720-shovel-red-white-1.jpg

    The shovel's unique design means it can be used extremely quickly in the event of an avalanche.

  • arva_probe_finder_1_.jpg

    With its ultra-fast assembly, our probe is ideal for ski touring and off piste areas.

  • abs-alight-free-zaino_airbag_with_airbag.jpg
    Avalanche Airbag

    Airbag or commonly known as an ABS bag, accompanies you on your off-piste outings, hikes or heli-skiing and gives you peace of mind.

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Whether you're a child or an adult, make your mountain activities safer with our helmets

You don't have to go off-piste to need to hire safety equipment. When you're skiing or snowboarding, it's essential to hire a helmet to protect your head in the event of a fall or collision. 

Our shops in the Argentière and Chamonix Mont-Blanc resorts offer a wide range of helmets for men, women and children. Depending on your size, our team of specialists will guide you towards the most suitable model.

What equipment is needed for off-piste skiing?

When skiing off-piste in the Chamonix valley, it's important to have avalanche safety equipment. In the event of a problem, these systems will help the rescue team to get to you as quickly as possible.

Arva kit, shovel and probe: ideal for avalanche safety

Avalanches are the biggest risk when it comes to off-piste skiing. 

To protect yourself, Arva kits, comprising a shovel and a victim detection probe (DVA), are highly recommended. They help you to be detected in the event of burial, but also to dig if other people find themselves under the snow.

The anti-avalanche airbag rucksack 

When it comes to avalanche safety, the airbag rucksack is also excellent protection. Fitted with balloons that inflate in the event of an incident, they give more volume to the body and reduce burial. 

It's the perfect complement to the Arva (avalanche transceiver), probe and shovel pack.

Hire with Sanglard Sports, by the day, for a weekend or a week

There's nothing more flexible than hiring an Arva pack (avalanche transceiver), probe and shovel from Sanglard Sports in Chamonix and Argentière. 

Just let us know the dates of your stay and our team will prepare everything you need for your outings. Flexible, you can hire equipment for a day, a weekend or a week!

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